What's up w/ Roberto Mandje: Past, Present & Deutschland!

Guten Tag! It has certainly been a while since my last update (SORRY!!!). Hopefully you've just watched the above video. If so, most of the questions you might have were hopefully answered. In case they weren't or it wasn't quite clear what I was attempting to say, I've summarized it a bit in bullet points below.

  • My lovely and talented wife: Molly Mandje and I are moving to Germany. 
  • We're excitedly expecting the BIRTH of our FIRST CHILD in early 2015!!!!!
  • I've postponed my Marathon debut (along w/ the "RAM-Series") until (most likely) Spring 2015 to focus on our aforementioned move + recover from a nasty fall sustained a few weeks ago at the XTERRA National Championships (minor cuts and a bone bruise).
  • I'll now focus on shorter (10K - Half Marathon) races this fall, (hopefully) culminating with the XTERRA Trail Run World Championships in early December. 

Additionally, I was also privileged to land the cover of Competitor Magazine's October issue (see below). To locate a distributor near you, click: HERE. There are loads of great articles in the current issue, including the one featuring me, which is about Cross Training <== link = just the pictures. For the article, pick up a copy and for my international friends/family, here's a link to the digital October issue

Lastly I'd like to thank my friends and family. You're too many to name individually and you know who you are. Your ongoing support and love means heaps more than you'll ever know. Also I'd like to thank my sponsors for always being in my corner and having my best interest in mind. Without you, I'd be running naked (maybe not soooooo bad...?) and/or hungry (definitely BAD)! As always, thanks for reading and I look forward to my remaining (and rapidly shrinking) time left here in Our Beautiful Bubble we call Boulder, ColoRADo!

October 2014 Issue of  Competitor Magazine

October 2014 Issue of Competitor Magazine

Foreshadowing... the future of "Bebe Mandje"? An athlete in the making? Found this baby PUMA SHOE while running on the trails!

#ForeverFaster - Bebe Mandje - Foreshadowing?

#ForeverFaster - Bebe Mandje - Foreshadowing?