Hill Workout @ Centennial Trailhead

Hola! As previously mentioned, I've had a couple of recent workouts filmed. I'd like to thank my good buddy Spencer Casey for not only filming my recent workouts, but also keeping me company on many runs. He's been at my side on and off for much of my XTERRA build up which has helped immensely. 

Now to the workout. This was a session that I did this past Saturday (November 9th) and it was the third time doing it since I started back on October 1st. I had originally planned to use nearby Mount Sanitas and do my typical "2 mins hills" there, but I wasn't able to access it due to the recent floods. Instead I opted to run 2~ minutes at this location, but quickly found out that the section I was running was spot on a quarter of a mile (400 meters). Despite the 8-9% grade, it took me less than 2 mins to run, so I have just gone with 400 meter repeats vs 2 mins instead. 

As I mentioned, I started doing this workout at the beginning of October. Since then I've worked out October 1st - 5 x 400 meters, October 15th - 8 x 400 meters, November 6th - 10 x 400 meters and most recently November 9th (the workout below). The goal was always to stay relaxed while gaining strength/endurance and confidence on the hill. I'm happy to say that each time I did it, I had a faster average than the time before. 

The workout on this day -as the video alludes to- was #1 of 2 for that particular Saturday. Due to scheduling conflicts, we weren't able to film the 2nd one. The plan (which was executed) was to run the hills in the morning, get the legs a little tired (but NOT trash them) and then in the afternoon, run an undulating/hilly (but on the roads) tempo. The tempo served as a stimuli and simulation of running at a faster pace on tired legs. 

We've got another video that was filmed earlier this week. That one will most likely be posted this upcoming Tuesday or Wednesday, as I depart for Hawaii for the XTERRA World Champs. 

So enough yakkidi yakking from moi. Enjoy the video and if anyone has further questions or needs something explained, please don't hesitate to contact me.   

Colorful Colorado!

Colorful Colorado!