Back 2 The Future!

Weeeeeeell it has certainly been a while since my last entry! Before I go on, I'll explain the tittle (cuz my wife didn't think it was clever...). In this entry I wanted to briefly cover what I have been up to and then focus on the future. The immediate future being the XTERRA Trail World Championships in less than two weeks. 

For this entry, I decided to switch things up a bit and do a video. My lovely wife Molly Mandje shot it from her beautiful office overlooking Chautauqua Park and The Flatirons. In the video I briefly bring YOU the viewer up to speed. In short, I haven't raced since my previous entry which was both by design and an act of nature. 

I managed -for the first time this year(?) - to remain in Boulder for consecutive months. In doing so I focused on regaining my health and rebuilding my fitness. During this time however, many Boulderites as well as residents along the Front Range were affected by the devastating floods that swept through in September. 

Warning, the vid was shot in one take (early in the morning and I might have still been half asleep!and it's therefor far from refined! I put a few bullet points below the video to further elaborate on a few things mentioned and/or anything I might have missed. 

  • In the video I mentioned getting involved in some Boulder Flood relief & the helping of friends. Here's an article written by RecoFiT President: Susan Eastman Walton, who's home was affected by the September floods. She wrote of her ordeal for "303 Triathlon" titled, "Flood Heroes." 
  • I was my intention to participate @ the XTERRA Trail National Championships at the end of September. Unfortunately, my training was hampered a bit by the aforementioned Colorado Floods. Many of the trails that I would normally frequent were washed away and/or closed. Many are still closed or drastically altered and it'll be a long time before things are completely back to normal. My wife and I were fortunate in not being personally affected by the floods. Our community however was not. So for about a week or longer, my training took a back seat as I attempted to help different friends and/or neighbors. It was nice to see neighbors and strangers alike come together and help wherever and however was possible. I did my part but there's still much to do. Exactly two weeks ago, CBS Denver ran this story: "Colorado Floods, How To Help".
  • In September, my good friend and excellent Trail & Mountain runner from France: Martin Gaffuri came to Boulder. We enjoyed several (albeit limited due to flooding) trail runs together while he prepared for the main purpose of his visit: The Ultra Running Race Of Champions aka UROC. I had the pleasure of being his "crew" for the entire 100K race. Here's his well written piece on his experience and excellent placing. "MIND OVER BODY, Story of My First 100K Trail Race
  • Last but certainly not LEAST, about a month ago I was contacted by a family based in Denver. They're an amazing family and I can't do them justice in just a few words. In short, Ben Anderson and his wife Teresa have adopted 4 kids over the years from Ethiopia. Their most recent adoption, 13 year old Abreham, has shown a remarkable love for running. Ben got a hold of me through a mutual friend and asked/gave me the honor of mentoring young Abreham. Since our first meeting about a month ago, I have met with Abreham a few times and have gone running with him. I truly look forward to taking him under my wing and being a good mentor/role model for him in the years to come. Also, I might as well enjoy running with him while I'm STILL faster than him. He is talented, driven and super competitive! Thanks again to Ben and Teresa for allowing me to be a part of their lovely and eclectic family!
Abreham Anderson  meeting for the first time (October 12th) @ his brother's (Ezekiel) Soccer game. 

Abreham Anderson  meeting for the first time (October 12th) @ his brother's (Ezekiel) Soccer game. 

 As always, THANKS for reading and watching. Tune in later this week for a workout we recently filmed!